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November 1947 Launched operation under the name of Nishinippon Boshoku Co., Ltd.
May 1948   Renamed to Nishinippon Boseki Co., Ltd.
April 1952   The dyeing sector of Nishinippon Boseki's Araki Plant was spun off into Kyushu Senko Co., Ltd.
August 1959   Kyushu Senko absorbed Nishinippon Boseki's Araki Plant and made a new start as Nippon Senikako Co., Ltd.
January 1960   Absorbed Fukuoka Shokufu Co., Ltd. to expand its business scale.
December 1961   Set up the Tokyo Plant.
September 1963   Opened the Tokyo Sales Division to extend marketing network to the Kanto region.
June 1967   Opened the Hikone Office (currently Hikone Plant) to make inroads into the Kansai region.
March 1978   Closed the Tokyo Plant and relocated major facilities to the Hikone Plant.
August 1978   Opened the Osaka Representative Office to function as the Kansai region marketing base.
July 1989   Renamed to Pyramid Corporation.
March 1992   Began dyeing operation of clothing artificial leather.
October 1993   Began trading and marketing agency of health and hygiene materials.
March 1996   Set up the Tochigi Plant. Launched organic fertilizer manufacturing business.
Tochigi Plant
September 2001   Relocated the Tokyo Sales Office to the current address.
October 2001   The Fukuoka Plant started operation. Launched film laminating business.
November 2003   Relocated the Osaka Sales Office.
March 2007   Transferd the Fukuoka factory.
August 2010   Closed the Osaka Sales Office.
July 2014   Set up the Thai Plant.
Thai Plant
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