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Pyramid, under the corporate philosophy "contribute to society," has been conducting the following company-wide activities concerning the environment and quality.

Environmental Conservation

Environmental Idea

As a member on the earth we work for the negative environmental impact reduction in the active conduct of business for the future of the earch. And we positively participate in an environmental, social activity, and work on the global environment preservation.

Environmental Policy

In our active conduct of business, we promote Environmental Management System to reduce the negative environmental impact, and provide valuable products and services for the customer, and contribute to the society as an environment-conscious company.

  1. In our active conduct of business we tries to reduce the negative environmental impact by the reduction of the industrial wastes, the promotion of recycling, the decrease of the negative environmental impact materials in the emphasis.
  2. For the reduction of the negative environmental impact we promote the construction of Environmental Management System and the operation. The system improves it continuously and is used for the pollution prevention.
  3. To achieve this environmental policy we set the environmental purpose and the target, which are executed, evaluated, and reviewed regularly.
  4. We works positively for environmental preservation activities, not to mention observing environmental regulations, the ordinance, the agreement, and the other claims postulated which our company agrees to.
  5. In order to aim at thoroughness of the improvement in consciousness to environmental preservation, we promote the education to all the employees and the educational campaign.
  6. This environmental policy is well-known to all the employees, and is also open to the public.
March 8, 2017
Pyramid Corporation
CEO Tatsuya Kashiwabara
  • We ensure sorting of industrial wastes for disposal so as to accelerate reduction in industrial refuse and recycling.
  • While adhering to the legal regulations concerning the environment and pollution, we communicate and exchange information with the community residents regarding environmental issues.
  • As a part of community contribution, we are aggressively engaged in volunteer activities.

ISO Certification Outline

Applicable standards JISQ14001:2015 / ISO14001:2015
Registration No. JMAQA-E767 Registration Expiry Date January 14, 2021
Registration Date January 15, 2009 Registration Revision Date October 10, 2017

Quality Management

Quality Policy

Our company obtains the satisfaction and the trust by offering the customer value. To achieve this purpose we provide the products and services that receive high acclaim from the customer by operating the Quality Management System, a conformance to the requirement, and a continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the system.

  1. We set all company quality target based on the quality policy.
  2. The setting of the fiscal year quality objective is directed to all sections through the ISO manager.
  3. The poster is put up for all the employees to attempt the thoroughness in the quality policy and the objective.
  4. We appoint the ISO manager, and the authority for execution, maintenance, and the improvement of the quality management system is given.
  5. At the end of the fiscal year, we execute the review for the continuation of appropriateness of the quality policy and the quality objective of our company.
March 8, 2017
Pyramid Corporation
CEO Tatsuya Kashiwabara
To achieve quality targets, we have set up the above quality policy, and have been implementing the ISO9001-based quality management system and working on its continuous improvement.

Guideline for Action

  1. SAFETY and QUALITY are the utmost priority under any circumstances.
  2. Working from the customers’ perspective will earn their trust.
  3. We must constantly remind ourselves to ensure strict adherence to our fundamental philosophy. (Sorting, systematizing, cleaning, self-discipline, greeting, reporting, communicating and consulting)
  4. Relentlessly take up challenges to achieve new goals.

ISO Certification Outline

Applicable standards JISQ9001:2015 / ISO9001:2015
Registration No. JMAQA-1472 Registration Expiry Date November 26, 2020
Registration Date November 27, 2002 Registration Revision Date October 10, 2017

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