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Eco-cycle Business Outline
Eco-cycle Business OutlineOrganic Fertilizer Production ProcessOrganic Fertilizers

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The volume of waste discharged from companies and local governments is increasing yearly. There are also such problems as destruction of natural environment caused by illegal dumping and groundwater contamination due to landfill disposal. Coupled with the shortage of treatment facilities, these social problems are becoming increasingly serious. In response, Pyramid has decided to pursue projects to produce organic fertilizers made from the waste materials (recyclable materials) in an aim to renew and recycle them.

We will continue to undertake recycle projects to help restore the green farm damaged by excessive use of chemical fertilizers to a fertile ground by creating artificial soil with organic fertilizers, and to contribute to the sewage treatment administration of municipal governments. We will also take part in the recycle movement and environment conservation pushed forward by the national government.

Tochigi Plant Outline

Tochigi PlantMarch 1996
Obtained the industrial waste treatment business permit.
April 1996
Operation started.
October 2000
Registered with the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries under the category of ordinary fertilizer.
June 2002
Large-scale deodorization facility completed.
May 2004
Certification under the Construction Technology Review and Certification Program granted. (Urban Green Technology: No. 1601)
January 2005
ISO9001 certification granted (registration No. JMAQA-1472)

Address: 4-35 Yoshii, Nakagawa-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi

Director of the Japan Eco-cycle Soil Association, an NPO organization
Member of the Green Purchasing Network, Japan Environment Association
Secretary of the Japan Compost Network
Director of the Japan Soil Improvement Materials Association

Area: 25,565m2(6.3 acres)
Treatment capacity: 200 tons/day (fertilizer production 60 tons/day)

Business Co-operation

Inoue Masa Shouten Co., Ltd.

IM Company Ltd.

Nihon Hels Industry Corporation

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