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Features of Eco Compost

Safe to use

Compost made with traditional natural fermentation
Its high maturity allows for safe application for leaf and fruit vegetables as well as
@for root vegetables.
Thorough quality control for fermentation temperature, length of time, etc.
Green Dressing
Green Dressing
Ecompo A
Ecompo A
Green Dressing 21
Green Dressing 21

Safe and Hygienic

Quality select organic materials are used.
Multiple sterilization steps are given by the high-temperature treatment
@ during fermentation.

Contribution to 3 Rs

Organic sludge in the wastewater and vegetable residue discharged from public sewage treatment facilities and food manufacturers are recycled into organic fertilizers. Use of these fertilizers is a utilization of recyclable materials which helps reduce the volume of resources to be used.

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