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What is dipping?

Dipping soaks base material with a prescribed amount of chemicals, resins, or other such matter evenly to give new functions to the base material.

Dipping Process

Dipping ProcessDipping is also called the soaking process as a fabric or other base material is soaked evenly with a prescribed amount of chemicals or resins to impart diverse functions.

Resins / Chemicals
Non-woven Fabrics / Woven Fabrics / Knitted Items (Base Materials)
Dipping Effects
・Water repellent
・Flame retardant

We have expertise in processing reinforcing fabrics indispensable for automobile tires and conveyor belts. We are also particularly specialized in dipping treatment of these fabrics using chemicals to improve their adhesion with rubber.
Tires are required to support the vehicle weight and impact during running. In addition, they must sustain added weight, power transmission, manipulability, and puncture resistance. Therefore there are tough requirements for reinforcing fabrics used inside the tires in terms of functionality and quality.

Pyramid's weaving and dipping technologies
are abundantly utilized.
Tire Section A Chafer
B Bead wirer
C Bead filler
D Bead
E Carcass
F Inner liner
G Belts

Dipping Processing Examples

Industrial materials Base materials for automobile tires Improved adhesiveness
FRP interlining material Improved adhesiveness
Household items Bag interlining material Antibacterial / deodorizing
Shoe insole Antibacterial / deodorizing

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