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Solid processing technologies accumulated over roughly half a century since its foundation.We call them Converting Technologies. This term reflects our desire to be of service to society by constantly providing higher added value.Intermediate materials for various products are invisible in the final products but certainly make a difference.This technology is used for the products developed in-house.Pyramid's Converting Technologies are weaving, dyeing, dipping, bonding, laminating and recycling.

Weaving Weaving
Pyramid's original weaving technology has generated a wide variety of products raging from industrial materials to medical supplies.
Dyeing Dyeing
In addition to providing dyeing treatment for various materials, we have been grappling with the development of products with high added values such as water-repellent quality and softness.
Dipping Dipping
Base material such as a fabric is evenly impregnated with a prescribed amount of chemicals or resins to impart desirable functions.
Bonding Bonding
Various base materials are bonded together with resin or hot-melt film to add new functions.
Laminating Laminating
We melt urethane form by flame to bond with cloth or other materials.
Recycling Recycling
At the Tochigi Plant, we produce fertilizers using organic waste (recyclable resources) from sewage treatment facilities and food factories as raw materials.

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